Fucked up

I’m far too fucked up at the moment to write anything meaningful. My head is full of different trains of thought, all vying for my focus and I’m completely failing to prioritise them effectively.

I seem to be on an emotional roller coaster. Some days I’m up; some days I’m down. Some days I’m full of passion; other days I just don’t care. If there’s a pattern there I’m yet to see it.

I’m having headaches, stomach aches, muscle pains, general exhaustion, and at the moment my leg hurts too much to walk for more than a few minutes. I’m putting a lot of this down to detoxing effects. The only thing that’s changed in what I’m eating is that I’ve started taking a probiotic twice a day. That seems to be giving me wind issues, which is nice :(, but not uncommon by all accounts.

I’m planning a few experiments in my diet over the next few months so it will be interesting to see how my energy levels and general health are affected by each of those. I also have more exercise planned as soon as my leg gets better. It currently feels a bit better every day so I’m hopeful that soon it will be ok to resume my walking.

My stress levels have certainly risen in the last couple of weeks, and I’m working to get those under control. It’s possible everything is related purely to that but right now I’m not sure.

I am, however, learning something new about myself every day. Unfortunately some of it makes me want to dive under a duvet and never come out.

But onwards and upwards, right?

So tired…