Plastic eyes
With a vacant stare
Nobody home
Nobody there.

Watching the world
Passing them by
No hint of a smile
No chance of a “hi”.

With expressions so serious
What’s on their minds?
The children look lost
“Parent, are you mine?”

Stylish yet casual
Wrapped up from the cold
Surrounded by baubles
All silver and gold.

Hands always look awkward
Not naturally placed at all
Funky hats for the children
One plays with a ball.

Then some movement occurs
A new actor arrives
This one is different
This one’s alive!

She moves round the fakers
Adjusting one’s pose
Her hands still look awkward
Always will I suppose.

Her hips look quite painful
And her legs must be tired
She stands there all day
While her looks are admired.

With her plastic eyes
And her vacant stare
There’s nobody home
Cos there’s nobody there.