Tomorrow is irrelevant

I can’t do anything tomorrow, or next week, or next year; I can only do something now.

I’ve known this for a while, but only as a concept. What it actually means has taken some time to sink in, despite it being bleeding obvious!

I only have power over the current moment. I can’t control what I do tomorrow any more than I can control what I did yesterday. I can think about tomorrow, and I can make plans to do something, but until tomorrow becomes now it’s all just talk.

This applies as much to the stuff that goes on in my head as it does to physical actions. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve caught the voice in my head rationalising like so…

I’m feeling (insert negative emotion here) right now, but it’ll be ok because I’ll be over it and have a positive attitude tomorrow.

It was the third time I consciously noticed this that I realised I was simply reinforcing the negative feeling. I was yielding my power to a negative state of mind, thereby prolonging its effect on me. As soon as I realised what I was doing I was able to take action, moment by moment, to change it.

And that’s my revelation, obvious though it might seem.

The choices I make right now will create my tomorrow

If I’m going to live a healthy lifestyle I need to make that choice in every moment. If I want to have great friends, meaningful connections with other people, and a wide and varied social circle, I need to make that choice in every moment. If I want to change my reality in any way at all, I need to make that choice in every moment.

It’s my reality, and I created it. I’m creating it right now. I own it, and once I accept responsibility I will have the power to change it.

Every moment is a brush stroke, every choice is creative. Own the moment, wield the power.